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We constantly try to bring some special dishes daily/weekly.  So make sure to check our board on the wall so you won't miss it!

*seasonal items are limited in quantities, it changes daily - please call to check on the availibility*

Below is our March 2020 specials:

  1. Kopi Angkring 3.50
  2. Soursop Juice/Jus Sirsak 6
  3. Tilapia Fish/Pampano MP
  4. Soto Ayam 12
  5. Curry Chicken Breast 13
  6. Super Spicy Penyet 16.50
  7. Udang Mentega 20
  8. Ketoprak 10
  9. Lontong Cap Gomeh 13.50
  10. Penyet Complete 16
  11. Combo Babat Goreng 13.50
  12. Combo Semur Lidah (Beef Tounge) 17.50
  13. Gudeg 17.50

We will keep you updated!  The special menu will be display here on the home page.

Thank you, and see you at Wong Java!


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Our food is HALAL and we use NO MSG.
Accept VISA, MASTER CARD with a minimum purchase of $15.
Prices are subject to change without notice.
Gratuity of 18% will be added on your bill for parties of 5 or more.