A1. Gado-Gado 12
Water spinach, cabbage, bean sprout, cucumber, carrot, boiled egg in peanut dressing, served warm. (v)

A2. Chicken Satay 12- Lamb 15
5 skewers in peanut sauce. Choice of chicken or lamb.

A3. Rujak Juhi 12.50
Salted cuttlefish with fried tofu, potatoes, cucumber, and
noodles in peanut sauce.

A4. Pempek 8.50
Savory fish cake in vinegar sauce.

A5. Martabak Telur 10
Fried pancake stuffed w egg & ground beef.

A6. Siomay Bandung 11
Steamed fish cake & tofu served in peanut sauce.

A7. Tempeh Mendoan 9
Fried tempeh cooked Mendoan-style. (v)

A8. Perkedel 6.50
Potato w corned beef fritter.


B1. Sop Buntut 16
Oxtail soup w vegetables.

B2. Sayur Asem 12
Tamarind soup w mixed vegetables. (v)

B3. Sayur Lodeh 14
Vegetables simmered in coconut milk and spices, served w tofu & tempeh. (v)

B4. Gule Kambing 17
Lamb curry stew.

B5. Tongseng Kambing 17
Goat meat & vegetable curry-like stew.

B6. Soto Betawi 15
Jakarta-style of beef soup cooked with coconut milk.

B7. Bakso 12
Meatballs soup in beef broth.



Known as NASI GORENG in our language. Absolutely a dish to try for rice lovers, and we have different choices listed below.

C1. Chicken/Beef 13/14

C2. Shrimp or Combination 14/17

C3. Beef Tripe 13

C4 Nasi Goreng Corned Beef 13

C5. Nasi Goreng Salted Fish 13


D1. Mie GM 10
Egg noodles w chicken & mushroom served w clear chicken broth.

D2. Mie Goreng Chicken 12 / Beef 13
Stir fried egg noodles w vegetables and chicken/beef.

D3. Bihun Goreng Chicken 12 / Beef 13
Stir fried rice noodles w chicken/beef.

D4. Kwetiaw Goreng Chicken 12 / Beef 13
Stir fried flat rice noodle w vegetables and chicken/beef.

D5. Mie Tek-Tek Chicken 13 / Beef 14
Indonesian fried egg noodles w cabbage & chinese greens. Choice of chicken, beef, and shrimp.


E1. Kangkung Belacan 10
Sauteed water spinach. (v)

E2. Toge-Ikan Asin 10
Salted fish w bean sprout.

E3. Capcay Chicken 13 / Beef 14 / Shrimp 15
Chinese Indonesian stir-fry vegetables.

E4. Tempeh or Tahu Penyet 9
Fried tempeh or tofu. (v)

E5. Telor Belado 8
Hard-boiled egg in spicy chili sauce. (v)

E6. Ayam Mentega 13
Fried chicken in sweet butter sauce.

E7. Ayam Kremes Wong Java 20
A whole fried chicken w crunchy flakes.

E8. Ayam Kalasan 20
Sweet marinated whole chicken. Fried or grilled.

E9. Ayam Penyet 13.50
Pressed chicken, fried, served w sambal. 6 pieces.

E10. Beef Rendang 15
Slow-cooked beef, marinated w Indonesian spices & herbs.

E11. Empal Gepuk 15
Sweet & spicy fried beef.

E12. Sambal Goreng Babat 13
Fried beef tripe in chili sauce.

E13. Sambal Goreng Udang Pete 17.50
Fried shrimp & satur bean in chili sauce.


Market Price

F1. Ikan Penyet (MP)
Pressed whole fried fish served w sambal.

F2. Ikan Balado (MP)
Fried whole fish in spicy chili sauce.

F3. Ikan Kecap (MP)
Fried whole fish in sweet soy sauce.


G1. Sayur Asem Komplit 13.50
Tamarind soup served w steamed rice and choice of chicken.
(Fried chicken, fried chicken w crunchy flakes, sweet marinated chicken, or grilled chicken marinated in coconut milk)

G2. Nasi Rendang 13.50
Beef rendang served w steamed rice.

G3. Nasi Kuning Komplit 13
Indonesian yellow rice w fried chicken, beef rendang, potato fritter, boiled egg served w yellow rice

G4. Nasi Bebek Goreng 20
Deep fried duck served w steamed rice, and tamarind soup (sayur asem).

G5. Nasi Bungkus 13
Rice dish wrapped in a banana leaf w beef jerky (dendeng), boiled egg, green chili fried chicken, and jackfruit. Served traditionally.


H1. Lontong 4
Condensed rice cake.

H2. Nasi Putih 2
Steamed Rice.

H3. Nasi Kuning 4
Indonesian yellow rice, cooked in coconut milk, spices with turmeric.

H4. Extra Rice or Tofu +2 - Extra Meat +3
Option to make your meal a jumbo size.


I1. Es Cendol 4
Pandan jelly ice drink with coconut milk
and palm sugar syrup.

I2. Es Durian 6
Durian milkshake.

I3. Es Alpukat 6
Avocado milkshake.

I4. Soda Gembira 4
Soda water w milk.

I5. Es Kelapa Muda 5
Young coconut drink.

I6. Thai Iced Tea 4

I7. Root Beer Float 4

I8. Hot Or Iced Tea 4

I9. Hot Or Iced Coffee 4

I10. Espresso 5


J1. Es Teller 6
Shaved ice w jackfruit, young coconut, avocado, palm fruit, topped w condensed milk.

J2. Es Campur 6
Shaved ice w jackfruit, young coconut, avocado, palm fruit, grass jelly, topped w condensed milk and syrup.


* Our food is HALAL and we use NO MSG.
* We use grass-fed meat.
* Each portion of our meal is good to share (big portion).
* Accept VISA, MASTER CARD with a minimum purchase of $15.
* Prices are subject to change without notice.
* Gratuity of 18% will be added on your bill for parties of 5 or more.

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